Virginia Beach, How do you socialize an aggressive dog?  

Teaching your virginia beach dog how to socialize is one of the best achievements you’ll ever make as a dog owner. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most challenging missions to achieve especially if you have an aggressive dog. If you have a pup, then the better because pups are generally easier to train compared adult dogs. But, if you have an adult dog, don’t lose hope because training an aggressive adult dog is still possible.

If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior whenever it encounters other animals you might feel embarrassed, scared, and stressed. We’re sure you’re desperate to fix your dog’s aggressive behavior and you also want to know the reason behind the aggression. Many trainers believe that aggression is a result of a lack of socialization. While this is true it’s not the only reason why dogs are inclined to violence. Other factors contribute to aggressiveness such as breed. Every dog breed is unique. Some breeds are more protective, suspicious, and aggressive than others. There are also dog breeds that are easy-going and friendly.

Genetics also plays a role in a dog’s behavior. Dogs that have fearful and aggressive parents are likely to become aggressive themselves. Dog mothers that are under extreme stress can affect the hormones and genetics of their offspring. Bad experiences can also trigger aggression. Even if the experience is minor, it will still affect the dog’s temperament and personality. As dogs mature, they will go through periods of fear and sensitivity. It only takes one terrifying experience at the wrong time that will create a huge impact on your dog.

How can you encourage your dog to socialize without triggering its aggressive side?

The first thing you can do is to assume that the reason why your puppy behaves the way it does is because of genetics. When your pup is finally in your house, start training and socializing your pup, and then visualize that you can change your pup’s behavior and take actions to reach that goal. Don’t blame your dog’s behavior because of genetics, breed, or the lack of socialization because that will only discourage you from moving forward. Instead, focus on what you can do to improve your dog’s behavior regardless of its breed, genetics, etc. When you start tagging your dog as “aggressive” it will discourage you from making an effort to change your dog because it will make you think that your dog is inherently aggressive and you can’t do anything about it because, in truth, you can. There is always a way to change your dog’s behavior you just have to be committed to training and disciplining your dog. That’s all there is to it.

Is it too late to socialize with your dog? The answer is no. There is no timeline and it’s never too late. But it can be a bit challenging especially if you have an aggressive adult dog. It can be tricky but again, it can still be done. What you need to do is to desensitize and counter-condition your dog. We recommend you hire a professional trainer to make sure your dog is safe and meets all its needs during the training.

Punishing your dog as a form of discipline is not a good idea especially if you have an aggressive dog. Why? Well, because it will only make its aggression worse. Usually, the source of the aggression is fear so when you punish your dog, you are inciting fear, which is really something you should try to avoid. Instead, try to concentrate on positive socialization.


Hiring a professional dog trainer will take the burden off your shoulders because they will assume the responsibility of disciplining your dog. Dog trainer not only train your dog to behave appropriately ,but they’ll also teach you way in dealing with your dogs like avoiding triggers, understanding the cause of the behavior, knowing your dog’s threshold, and many more.