What type of kitchen Countertop is best?

There can be no doubt that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. not only is it where those tasty and nutritious meals are prepared or that special dinner for guests is put together – but friends and family gravitate towards the kitchen – whether it’s those delicious smells or the simple joy of cooking and companionship a kitchen will almost always boast a crowd. This is why the homeowner needs to consider their choice of countertop material extremely carefully. Not only are countertops (like granite countertop installation for instance) where much of the food preparation takes place – but the material used should be attractive and a reflection of the personal style of the homeowner.

So what’s the best choice when it comes to countertop material? Firstly it’s worth noting that the choice will revolve around a variety of factors such as just how hardwearing the material is and cost being among the two factors. that said let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular countertop materials – and just why so many have stood the test of time.

One of the most popular types of materials used for kitchen countertops is able. It is tremendously attractive and is available in a number of colors and patterns. Another attraction is that no two pieces of marble are the same – making each kitchen a contemporary expression of the uniqueness of the homeowner’s taste. However, marble is softer than many other natural stones – and those preparing food need to be aware that a cutting board is an absolute necessity. It’s also porous – so spills can quickly turn into permanent stains.

Another natural material that is extremely attractive, but much tougher than marble is Quartz. This is an ideal material for the busy home chef. These countertops are made from quartz bound together with resin. It doesn’t require resealing on a regular basis and offers great value for money for those who value durability.

Granite has remained a firm favorite with homeowners for generations. It’s another stone that is incredibly tough and is available in a number of dark and light colors. Each piece of granite will also feature unique flecks and hues. It’s also perfect for those homeowners who want a choice between beveled or square edges and many other edge finishes. Another advantage to granite is that is tremendously heat resistant – pans and pots can be placed on it directly from the stovetop or oven without fear of damage or discoloration. It’s also so tough that aspirant home chefs do not need a cutting board – but beware, it’s so hard that it can quickly dull even the most high-quality knives.

Soapstone is another popular choice. This stone has a high percentage of talc – and this provides a soft feel that many prize. It’s another stone that is non-porous (when sealed) so almost immune to staining. It’s bacteria resistant and also has an extremely high tolerance for heat. However, it is not as hard as other options such as granite – once again a cutting board is highly recommended. Soapstone is also extremely attractive and is available in a variety of shades of grey with soft blue or green undertones. This is a stone that does require some initial care. Owners are advised to oil the surface once a month for at least a year. This will seal the stone and allow a rich finish to add to its allure.

There are numerous other choices such as stainless steel or even the popular butcher’s block. the choice of countertop is a tremendously personal one – however factor in usage and attractiveness (as well as maintenance requirements) into the calculation – this way you will be assured of many years of joy from your countertop.

Jason Goldblum is the owner of AGS Granite and has always had a great passion for design, cooking and innovation. He started AGS Granite in 2007 and has been going strong ever since, specializing in stone countertop Fabrication and Installation.

Virginia Beach, How do you socialize an aggressive dog?  

Teaching your virginia beach dog how to socialize is one of the best achievements you’ll ever make as a dog owner. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most challenging missions to achieve especially if you have an aggressive dog. If you have a pup, then the better because pups are generally easier to train compared adult dogs. But, if you have an adult dog, don’t lose hope because training an aggressive adult dog is still possible.

If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior whenever it encounters other animals you might feel embarrassed, scared, and stressed. We’re sure you’re desperate to fix your dog’s aggressive behavior and you also want to know the reason behind the aggression. Many trainers believe that aggression is a result of a lack of socialization. While this is true it’s not the only reason why dogs are inclined to violence. Other factors contribute to aggressiveness such as breed. Every dog breed is unique. Some breeds are more protective, suspicious, and aggressive than others. There are also dog breeds that are easy-going and friendly.

Genetics also plays a role in a dog’s behavior. Dogs that have fearful and aggressive parents are likely to become aggressive themselves. Dog mothers that are under extreme stress can affect the hormones and genetics of their offspring. Bad experiences can also trigger aggression. Even if the experience is minor, it will still affect the dog’s temperament and personality. As dogs mature, they will go through periods of fear and sensitivity. It only takes one terrifying experience at the wrong time that will create a huge impact on your dog.

How can you encourage your dog to socialize without triggering its aggressive side?

The first thing you can do is to assume that the reason why your puppy behaves the way it does is because of genetics. When your pup is finally in your house, start training and socializing your pup, and then visualize that you can change your pup’s behavior and take actions to reach that goal. Don’t blame your dog’s behavior because of genetics, breed, or the lack of socialization because that will only discourage you from moving forward. Instead, focus on what you can do to improve your dog’s behavior regardless of its breed, genetics, etc. When you start tagging your dog as “aggressive” it will discourage you from making an effort to change your dog because it will make you think that your dog is inherently aggressive and you can’t do anything about it because, in truth, you can. There is always a way to change your dog’s behavior you just have to be committed to training and disciplining your dog. That’s all there is to it.

Is it too late to socialize with your dog? The answer is no. There is no timeline and it’s never too late. But it can be a bit challenging especially if you have an aggressive adult dog. It can be tricky but again, it can still be done. What you need to do is to desensitize and counter-condition your dog. We recommend you hire a professional trainer to make sure your dog is safe and meets all its needs during the training.

Punishing your dog as a form of discipline is not a good idea especially if you have an aggressive dog. Why? Well, because it will only make its aggression worse. Usually, the source of the aggression is fear so when you punish your dog, you are inciting fear, which is really something you should try to avoid. Instead, try to concentrate on positive socialization.


Hiring a professional dog trainer will take the burden off your shoulders because they will assume the responsibility of disciplining your dog. Dog trainer not only train your dog to behave appropriately ,but they’ll also teach you way in dealing with your dogs like avoiding triggers, understanding the cause of the behavior, knowing your dog’s threshold, and many more.

Nick White is the owner of Off Leash K9 Training. He has over 80 dog training franchise locations throughout the United States. He currently hosts the A&E show, America's Top Dog.

Pond, Ultimate Do’s & Don’ts Guide For Ponds

There is no denying ponds are some of the most appealing focal points in a garden. They add a unique look to your outdoor space, provide excellent habitat for wildlife, enhance your outdoor’s space atmosphere, and even add value to your home. It does not matter if you have limited resources or space. Knowing how to properly use a de-icer to your pond can help you keep your pond looks good, A DIY pond can be designed to match almost any garden and budget. In this read, we are going to discuss the DOs and DON’Ts of having a pond, but before that, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Plan Ahead

Doing this will give you an idea of how much the project will set you back, and thus the size and features you can afford. Planning ahead will ideally help you avoid costly mistakes.

2. Decide the Kind of Pond You Want

Traditionally, most ponds use a Pond Liner. However, you can also use Preformed Ponds, which make the installation process easier and can even include self-contained features like fountains and waterfalls. However, these tend to be costlier.

3. The Size

Are you looking for a small backyard pond that will lend a particular soundtrack and charm to your space with the waterfall trickles and water flow? Or do you want a big koi pond that will provide a huge expanse of water to reflect your garden and home?

4. The Appearance

Searching the web, going through magazines, and watching gardening shows are great sources of inspiration. The Chelsea Flower Show, for example, showcases the most innovative and creative gardens from around the globe once a year. Keep in mind that a good design never gets dated. Utilizing local design ideas and natural materials is an excellent way to make a garden pond that fits into your outdoor space and endures the test of time.

The DOs and Don’ts of Owning a Garden Pond

The DOs:

1. Experiment with Stone Sizes

If you want to make your garden pond more appealing, make sure you’re using rocks and stones of varying sizes and lay them around the feature. This adds some dimension to the space while reducing the unoccupied space. When considering rocks and stones placement around the feature, ensure you don’t use sharp stones as they can harm your children and pets if they’re rushing everywhere in the yard during summer.

2. Regularly Treat the Pond with a Bacterial Product

Aerobic, beneficial bacteria are the foundation of a pond’s ecosystem as it keeps algae at by getting rid of any excess nutrients in the feature. Ideally, it prevents sludge from turning anaerobic and releasing hydrogen sulfide, which is harmful to any fish in the pond.

Keep in mind that you need to top up the bacteria on a regular basis. As with any living thing, it has a finite lifespan, and once it’s dead, it requires replacing.

The DON’Ts

1. Overstocking the Pond

It is easy to overstock a garden pond. After all, nobody wants a backyard water feature with just two fish. However, if the pond contains too many fish, the water quality will diminish. Fish release a lot of waste, which gives off ammonia, which in turn, increases the pH level, leading to illness and death of aquatic life.

2. Feed Fish During Winter

It is important to change over to high protein feed for the fish as the temperature begins to drop in autumn. Once winter begins, stop feeding the fish altogether. That’s because fish do not feed throughout winter, and so, any food you through in the pond will decompose and become food for algae spores once the temperatures rise.

And there you have it, the dos and don’ts of installing and maintaining a garden pond.

Joe Cadieux is the Senior Biologist for Midwestponds.com. Midwestponds was started to provide the products and advice needed to build and maintain water gardens and large ponds as naturally as possible. Joe consults and manages many lakes and ponds throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. He also takes special pleasure as a judge at the University School of Milwaukee’s Spring Science Fair.

Looking For Apartments For Rent In Rittenhouse Square?

Are you looking for apartments for rent Rittenhouse Square? If so, you have come to the right place. There are many factors to consider when finding the right apartment for rent for your family. Here are some tips to consider when finding the best apartments for rent in Rittenhouse Square.

The location is one of the most important things to consider when looking for an apartment for rent. There are many questions to ask yourself when determining the location of your apartment.

. Do you plan to use public transport to reach your office or business?

. What kind of neighborhood do you plan to live in?

. What are your other preferences when it comes to the location of the apartment?

These are important questions to answer before you decide on the right location for your new apartment. The internet is a good place to read information about the various neighborhoods in Rittenhouse Square when renting an apartment in the area. Many sites will give you information about the neighborhoods you prefer.

Setting your budget is another important thing to consider when looking for an apartment for rent in Rittenhouse Square. How much could you spend each month on housing? Some apartments include utility bills in their monthly rental rate while others don’t. You need to consider this factor when allocating the budget for the apartment. Don’t forget to look for an apartment in advance without waiting until the last minute. It may be hard to find the ideal apartment for you when you look for housing just a week before your check-in. It’s best to look for a new apartment for at least a few weeks in advance.

The next important thing is to look for apartments within your budget range. This is important to avoid falling in love with houses out of your reach. That way you will know what you can expect with the budget you have. Booking online is a great option to save your time and money when looking for a rental apartment in Rittenhouse Square. Most available apartments in Rittenhouse Square are booked very quickly. What was available in the morning may not be available in the afternoon. Arranging visits is also important when renting out an apartment in the area. These are important things to consider when finding a good apartment for rent in Rittenhouse Square.

Don’t forget to check out the personality of the landlord before you rent out the specific apartment in Rittenhouse Square. You should be able to get on with the landlord without any hiccups in the long run. You can get an idea about the landlord by visiting his or her Facebook profile. A good landlord is crucial to your success in finding the best apartment in Rittenhouse Square.

Make sure you find out how much storage space is available before renting out the apartment. Most people find it difficult to manage the storage space in their homes because it’s never enough. That’s why you should be inspecting the apartment for the actual amount of storage space before renting it out. Don’t forget to clarify the parking lot when finding a good apartment in the area. Even if you noticed a parking lot when inspecting the apartment, it doesn’t mean you are going to get it as a renter. Parking spaces near apartment buildings are limited. You should ask the prospective landlord about parking space before deciding to rent out the apartment. These are important factors to consider when choosing a good apartment in Rittenhouse Square.

The aforementioned article provides some tips to consider when finding the best apartments for rent in Rittenhouse Square.

Nancy Alperin of Maxwell Realty has not only a keen understanding of real estate, but a genuine passion for it. She believes in garnering client respect by listening to their needs and delivering results for them. Her in-depth knowledge of the Philadelphia real estate market plus her ability to broker complicated deals with infinite finesse enable her to navigate the challenging elements of buying, selling or leasing properties while making it all appear seamless. This is also strengthened by her years of owning, buying and selling for her own portfolio. Committed to the health and longevity of her father's company, Nancy has helped Maxwell Realty Company, Inc. achieve its reputation for unparalleled service as well as for being an innovative and rewarding work environment for its associates.

Putting A Pond In Next Year

I have always wanted a small pond area in my yard. I have looked at ideas and know what I want to do, but I have always put it off and saved it for the following year. I have done this time and time again, but I am preparing myself to do it next year. I have been purchasing some of the things I will need in order to make my dream a reality. I figure it will be harder to put off if I have the things I need. I can’t wait to install my pond and see how it looks.